So, I’ve missed a pair of Tuesdays. It’s not because the next chapter of Bad Helen isn’t ready. Well, it’s kinda not ready in the sense that I need to do a thorough edit, add some fun pictures, and actually put it on wordpress. But the content is mostly ready because I wrote it a few years ago. However, the last couple of weeks have been kind of busy.

I will rarely talk about my personal life on here. It’s really not the medium for it. After all, I’m not even publishing my actual name. But the real life is that my wife is super pregnant with our third child. It’s been a very difficult pregnancy, putting an extra strain on me and my ability to dive into my hobbies. When I do have time, I’d rather play a video game or catch up on a series than sit down and write. On Friday (IN TWO DAYS!), she’s scheduled to be induced. Our first two kids took some time so crossing my fingers than Kid #3 will actually be born on the day she’s induced.

What this means for this blog is a temporary shutdown. I’m not going to have time to post next Tuesday obviously and I can’t promise that by the first Tuesday of September, the next chapter of Bad Helen will be posted. I also have a video game review that has a first draft complete.

We’ll see how things play out. We were remarkably lucky (*knockonwood*) with our first two to get them on a sleeping schedule where they slept most nights pretty early on. Hoping that will go for this one, but that’s not exactly fully up to us. Once the time is truly free and available, I’ll start posting to this blog. I’d like to sit down and actually write some new material, too.

In the mean time, here is a fantastic set of tits. Hope you are all healthy and happy.

Quick and Easy

I do plan to write more, but life has been extra busy for me. Long story short, I am about to be a father for the third time, which limits some of my time for this hobby of mine. That’s the disappointing truth because there is so much I want to write. On the bright side, I did get some writing done the other day in my “Ms. Tucker” story, thankfully enough.

It’s a Bad Helen Tuesday and this week, I deliver a chapter. I am looking so forward to when I post a huge chapter in a few weeks. It’s a turning point of the story (one of them, that is). Meanwhile, this one is more of a “keeping the ball rolling” story as it advances storylines with both Mrs. Luck (primarily) and Helen. I love the degradation of Mrs. Luck from the mild-mannered teacher to anal slut. It’s fun to write.

Chapter 11 can be found here. As always, Bad Helen’s central page is here.

I hope to have more up this week, but we’ll see how things go. I did download a new incest-related video game so I might look into doing another review. I have a few others as well that I can revisit to put up a review either way.

A Day Late

I’ve been pretty good about posting new chapters every Tuesday to the Bad Helen saga, but yesterday was just not possible for yours truly. But hopefully, next week will be a bit easier. Either way, here’s Chapter 10 in all its glory. For Helen fans, she plays the biggest role yet again.

Reaching a milestone like the tenth chapter does remind me that I’m already a third-of-the-way through my backlog of chapters and it might be good to start considering how I want to re-write the chapters I’ve lost and keep the story moving. I’m not completely looking forward to having to do that, but I also don’t want to get to posting the 30th chapter and find myself without extra content to load.

If you aren’t caught up with Bad Helen, visit the central page for the story. Hopefully, in the next few days, I’ll have more to write.

Chapter 9 of Bad Helen & Writing Update

Up-and-running is the ninth chapter of Bad Helen. This one focuses more on Helen after several early chapters where she’s often just mentioned. I tend to have that issue where I build an ensemble of characters, but name the story after only one and give people the idea that my story focuses mostly on that one character. Truth is, Bad Helen focuses on a teenager as he deals with new sexual situations growing up. But Bad Helen sounds better. As always, visit the central Bad Helen page for links to all of the chapters.

Moving forward, I have several stories that I am either actively working on or need to get back to. I want to give a bit of an update on the ones that have my most interest currently. By no means are these all my current projects. Just the ones I’ve tried to work on recently.

My Sister Asks a Favor – I mentioned this story idea recently. It focuses on a desperate woman who is trying to get pregnant and can’t with her husband. She seeks out her brother’s aid. I think it’s going to end up fairly long. 5300 words.

Mom Has A Podcast – Another story idea I mentioned on this blog. I really like the idea of a son finding out his mother has a podcast that explores sexual topics, including incest. I’m not entirely sure where the story will go so its ultimate length is unknown right now. 3300 words.

Daddy’s Girl – This was an idea I had related to an interest of mine – erotic visual novels. Specifically, incest-related ones like Sisterly Lust that I profiled last week. Currently, I only have an incomplete outline on this one. I could see it working in parts.

The Club – One of my longest-running stories. I started it back when I was working on What Michael Knows. In fact, there was a debate which story would receive my focus and get published first. Obviously, The Club lost. This story focuses on a man in an unhappy marriage who attends a sex club one evening. He meets a woman there, but as he gets a tour from her, he sees his wife engaged in a threesome. One of the other women is his sister. The story is probably two or three “chapters” from being completed, though it will be released as one piece. 32,000 words.

Mrs. Tucker – Not an incest story, though definitely taboo. Mrs. Tucker is a professor who grooms a select number of students every semester. She helps them with both their grade in her class and giving them direction in life. Meanwhile, they help her with her desire to get fucked. Meanwhile, Mrs. Tucker also wants to break up her daughter’s relationship with a boy she finds unfitting. This is going to be a real long one and I have the idea of a trilogy. 24,000 words.

I Couldn’t Sleep 2 (working title) – Sequel to one of my Literotica stories published nearly a year ago. Focuses on a woman who goes to live with her father during Covid and after her mother’s passing (non-Covid-related). One evening, she struggles to fall asleep and cuddles with her father, who is watching a show he meant to watch with his wife. As the evening progresses, he finds himself drinking more and dreams of his wife in the dark room, but it’s his daughter. She wakes up to find her father hard and trying to fuck her mouth. 2300 words.

So, that’s where I am. I also do want to sit down and start expanding my Bad Helen outline so I can re-write chapters that I lost. We’ll see how that plays out. As always, thanks for reading and feel free to provide any ideas or advice you have.

Game Review – Sisterly Lust

This is my first try at this – a game review. Erotic visual novels (VN) is a bit of a side hobby of mine and a niche market has blossomed for incest-related erotic VN.

Today’s game review focuses on Sisterly Lust, released by Perverteer Games on March 2, 2020. The game is available for a regular price of $14.99 on Steam, though as with most Steam games, waiting on sales will save a few bucks. In my case, I saved $3. The game is also available on Linux, macOS, and Android.

Story: Your father has just died. Long before that, he divorced your mother and split you up from your three sisters and mother several thousands of miles away. After his death, you accept an invitation to move in with your mother and the now-adult sisters, who still live at home. By default, your name is Max, but you can change that if you want. You can also change the names of your mother and sisters. By default, it’s Mrs. Smith or Susan (Mom) and – in age from youngest to oldest – Rachel, Bella, and Liza. I called the mother character “Mom” cause that made sense to me and changed Liza to Heather just because I didn’t like the name Liza. But that’s completely up to you.

Each sister has their own personality and you learn more and more what makes them tick, along with your mother. Rachel is a virgin and highly energetic while Liza is very responsible, but unsure of herself due in part to a long-term with relationship with a boyfriend who demeans her. Bella…well, she hates the fuck out of you at first, but you can get her to warm up. Along the way, you meet Rachel’s horny friends Ana and the submissive Alina, the convenience store hottie Riley who helps you deal with your oldest sister’s jackass of a boyfriend, and many others along the way. Nearly all will have a pathway that leads to fucking them.

Your decisions will decide just who you have sex with, who you pursue a deeper relationship with, and how the game will end.

Gameplay: As a decision-based VN, almost every choice helps decide where the game goes. There is both a trust and corruption dynamic that your choices will lead to changes in one or both with each character you are interacting with. For instance, by building trust with a character, they will be more open to discuss intimate details about their lives. On the other hand, building corruption with a character opens up more smutty actions with that character. For instance, if you build enough corruption with a character, they could be more inclined to engage in anal play.

But beyond the sexual component, your choices will shape the plot. While most decisions relate to sex, pushing a character to open up before they are ready about certain subjects will lead you to lose trust with that character. Because most of the early portion of the game is related to building trust to open up potential angles with characters, damaging your trust with a character could limit your ability to play that journey with them.

That said, the game readily allows you to cheat via a back button and an endless ability to save so you can see what your decisions will lead and erase them just as quickly.

Replayability: I’ve completed one play-through that led to me marrying the oldest sister. I also had sex with the other two sisters, though never the mother. I am aware there are different endings and I am inspired enough to see those pathways as well. Keep in mind that you will have to play through a lot of stuff you’ve already seen to get to new scenes. It took me roughly an hour-and-half without really knowing what pathway I was on to get through the one I was on.

Difficulty: The game is not difficult at all. Decisions don’t weigh on you too much because, again, you can simply go back and change them with ease. But even without that, the game developers know their audience. You bought this game to get off so there is a plethora of sex to enjoy both in-and-outside the family. The game even installs a walkthrough that can help guide you. Not to say you can’t “lose” the game, but it takes a real effort to do so.

Liza and Bella

Graphics: There are almost no animations in this game. While there is a lot of deviant things to get into, the lack of animations does hurt the enjoyment level. And the animations that do show up are basically two quick frames. For the most part, you are left with 3D renders and a good amount of text that includes both dialogue and descriptions. I’d say most of the renders are pretty good, though I spotted a few errors here and there. If the lack of animations doesn’t kill your interest, you should enjoy what you see. There is some variety in the characters, though most are relatively thin with nice-sized breasts.

Sound: Uh, there is none. Not just no background music, but no sounds at all. This is both a good thing (easier to minimize it in a rush without any sound ruining your efforts to hide it) and a bad thing (zero moans or atmospheric sounds to set the scene).

Level of Smut: Well, a focus on incest is a big deal in itself, but the game ventures into some more perverted stuff along the way. This ranges from your common fun like threesomes (including mmf double penetration), anal sex, and beyond to more questionable material like ass-to-mouth, rimming, pregnancy, and watersports. You are very much in command of where you go down with those last two routes, though. If you don’t want to see them, you pretty much won’t. But if you do want to play with this subject matter, it’s there. Unless I missed it, there is no male-on-male homosexuality in the game.

Final Thoughts: The game does several things well. It delivers sex and a lot of it. If VN’s get you off and you enjoy incest-related material (you wouldn’t be at this blog otherwise, right?), this game might be for you. If you want to play around with pregnancy storylines, marrying your sister, and/or just fucking almost every girl you see – have at it.

What this game does come up short is that there is almost no sense of accomplishment. It’s fun to see the sister that treats you like a bitch early in the game get blasted in the face by your cum, but since everything is so easy, you don’t really feel like you have to try very hard. Oh, to get a specific storyline without a walkthrough certainly could be difficult, but it’s not “spend hours trying to figure it out” difficult. All of that said, there is a difficult medium for VN like this where you don’t want to be too difficult or too easy, but given the choice, you’d rather be the latter. The game does have achievements and you have the opportunity to work toward those.

I also found the subplot about a group that is trying to clean up “moral decay” kind of boring. I kept pressing forward during these moments because, well, blah. It was too ridiculous and uninteresting to me. I appreciate the efforts to add a real antagonist to the story, though.

Basically, give this game a chance if you enjoy erotic VN, especially ones that cater to incest-loving smut fans. Your decisions do matter, which is good. The storyline is okay for the most part. I’d still try to get the game when it’s on sale, but there is enough replayability to feel like it’s worth it either way. Just come in knowing what it is – a sex-filled romp with little-to-no animations. If you’re okay with that, it’s going to deliver.

As long as you’re here, feel free to check out other recent posts.

Another Bad Helen Tuesday + My Latest Story Idea

Let’s get this out of the way first and foremost. Chapter 8 of Bad Helen is here. I will say it’s a bit of a shorter chapter. I’ve been iffy on messing with the chapter count, but a chapter with just 3,000 words is a bit too short for my tastes. In the future, should I notice the chapter is on the short side, I may try to increase it, condense two chapters into one, or simply post two whole chapters in a week rather than one. For now, here’s my eighth chapter of Bad Helen and feel free to visit the Bad Helen page for all of the chapters.

Moving on, I wish I could say I was working on some of my bigger projects, but that would be a lie. However, I have stumbled onto an idea I like and it even re-uses a subject matter I’ve talked about before that I wasn’t a huge fan of – pregnancy.

Now, the biggest reason I struggle with stories that use pregnancy is the lack of care they give the subject matter in many cases. Often, it’s a fetish in the story sometimes related to milk play or whatnot. I’m not trying to denigrate those fetishes, but as I try to stay grounded in my stories, I want a pregnancy storyline to be treated as the big deal that it is.

I believe this story idea succeeds at that.

We start with Kyle, a shy introvert who works from home and is a virgin into his mid-20’s. His older sister is everything he’s not – a social butterfly with scores of friends, a marriage to a perfect guy, and is seemingly headed to the All-American family life. But she shows up at his apartment one night asking for help. While Kyle and Chris, her husband, are just as different as she is to her brother, they do share some physical similarities. And though her marriage looks like it’s the ideal pairing, there is trouble that threatens their future. After over a year of trying, Chris has not gotten Erica, Kyle’s sister, pregnant. It’s causing a rift between the two.

Feeling desperate with no other options because Chris is convinced it’s her fault (even though tests show that it’s not), Erica searches for a way to not only have the baby she dreams about but save her marriage. She can’t find a random fling on the side because of too much baggage. Nor can she go the IVF route because Chris would find out. And getting the Alpha Male, Chris, to potentially check to see if he’s sterile is a non-starter in her mind. So, she asks her brother for help.

At first, they’ll try the turkey baster method. This is a real thing that produces real results. But after a few months of that failing – plus the problems with Chris only intensifying – she finds herself desperate to ask Kyle to fuck her instead, hoping that will change her awful luck.

So…if you’re reading this, I’d love to hear your thoughts. And thanks for reading.

A Strange Observation About What Michael Knows

I’ve mentioned a few things about What Michael Knows before including the nature of producing chapters (or parts) versus posting the whole story. I also mentioned a potential spin-off that didn’t happen.

But today, I want to focus on stats for a second. The first chapter of What Michael Knows has 57.7K views. Published on January 1, 2020, not only is it my most view chapter from the story, it’s my third-most viewed work out of a dozen total works at Literotica. It established the story, the focus, and the plot. I’m quite a good deal proud of it as I think it’s a different tweak on an existing trope (one son finding out his brother is having sex with their mother).

I’m not surprised that the chapters that followed failed to live up to the same amount of views, but what struck me is both how few people continued with the story and how viewership doesn’t just trickle down, but sometimes goes up.

Chapter 2, posted a week later, drew nearly 20K views along with a rating drop from 4.51 to 4.42. This is when the complaints begin that I was focusing too much on Jacob through flashbacks and not focusing enough on Michael and the current push the younger brother is making to get between his mother’s thighs.

Chapter 3 has been read around 8, 600 times. It’s my third-least read work and a nearly 50K loss from Chapter 1. It’s a slight improvement in rating, but the story seems to be dying.

But in Chapter 4, the story rebounds for 10.4K views and a 4.61 rating. It continues with roughly the same amount of views for Chapter 5 (10.2K) even though this chapter is my worst-rated work at 4.36.

A combined Chapter 6 & 7 draws 9,100 views though the work is rated 4.66. Chapter 8, the first chapter after Michael has sex with his mother, is my second-least read work at 6.9K views despite being the story’s best rated-chapter at 4.69, my top-rated work overall.

Finally, I finish up the story with a combined Chapter 9 & 10 that includes Jacob discovering Michael and his mom and the aftermath that follows as Stephanie tries to deal with her dual affairs. It’s read just 5,100 times and is currently teetering on the 4.5 scale where a story is certified “hot” by Literotica.

So, what does this all mean?

Obviously, a fall from the first chapter to subsequent chapters is to be expected. After all, like a TV show, you might watch the pilot and find it’s not for you. Considering I don’t have just one long flashback chapter like many of these stories do and instead choose to sprinkle flashbacks throughout most of the chapters, I guess that’s to be expected. It’s certainly not for everyone.

The ratings seem to focus on how much of the story focuses on Michael versus Jacob. I’ve mentioned this before because feedback was clear that, at least among the vocal fans, there was a preference given to the younger, more aggressive, and extroverted Michael versus his older brother. But the views don’t coincide with this.

In addition to people not enjoying the style of the story and my refusal to ignore Jacob or push him to the side, another thing leads to the dismal ratings at the end. The first six pieces (which includes Chapter 7) were released in weekly installments. When I began publishing the story, I was working on the first draft for Chapter 8. I did the George R.R. Martin thing of assuming I’d have the story completed by the time the original source material ran out. I didn’t. There was nearly a two month gap between Chapter 6+7 and Chapter 8. My final two chapters, again posted as one work, came four months later.

So, final observations? Well, again, if I post a chapters based story again, I’ve learned a few tricks. One, rather than chapters, I’ll focus on parts. To me, a part is its own thing. I look at it like Star Wars. You can watch any Star Wars film without knowing a thing about what happened in the previous films and really, you’ll be fine. Will you be better off having watched the previous film(s)? Oh, absolutely, but each films stands on its own to some degree. Not as much as most of the Star Trek series (with the exception of Wrath of Khan and Search for Spock) which really do feel like separate movies with the same characters rather than parts of a story.

I’ll have to map out a whole story and then have the parts be mini-stories which both have a plot that is fairly independent to the story but also related to the overarching storyline. That takes a huge outline and sticking to outlines has never been my strong suit.

Now, if you do want to write chapters, I do recommend having the entire story written and ready. Maybe not fully edited, but ready to go. The more time goes by, the more people forget. The more people forget, the more likely they are not to keep reading.

Of course, if you’re a really talented author with a loyal and large readership, you can get away with having a lot of time between posting. RTR9209’s “WICKed Hormones” is an example of that. Chapter 1 was published in February of 2020 and drew a 4.53. It’s the lowest rated chapter. Between 4-8 weeks later, a new chapter has been posted since Chapter 1 and the ratings keep getting good. Part of that is due to a fun storyline of a hormones that have not only led to a son growing a gigantic cock, but attracting those women around him (his mother, sister, a lawyer among them) to him. It’s a fun mix of science fiction, sex, and fun. It’s now up to ten parts over nearly a year and a half. In terms of viewership, he has had a lot more than I do, but he also had a linear fall in viewership rather than the ups-and-downs I had with What Michael Knows. That was until Chapter 9, which earned a 4.86 rating and has landed on the HOF portion of the main incest/taboo page. Its placement there probably led to more views.

I guess, in the end, those tricks I mention help, but nothing has a bigger impact than a fun, well-written sexfest that readers really love.

A Day Late, but the Smut Still Drops

First and foremost, here is Chapter 7 of Bad Helen. Yes, Bad Helen Tuesday went by and I missed my time to post, but only by a mere hour (at least on the east coast). Going to try to get an earlier start before next Tuesday.

With that done, I wanted to mention a story idea I once had that was ruined not only by it stalling out, but by one of the main characters coming back after a long retirement. I’ll explain everything fully.

I went to college in the early 2000s. When I arrived from my rural upbringing, one of the first things that was a gamechanger was high-speed motherfucking internet. For the first time, I could download mp3s at a high rate and, yes, download porn that would have taken me hours back at home. And this quick-to-have freedom during this specific time is what brought Heather “Brooke” Harmon into my life. Owner of, one of the early pioneers in amateur porn, Harmon and her husband put out regular videos often showcasing her absurd talent to gobble down her husband’s big cock.

Sometimes, there would be more than one woman. “Brooke” was actually one of the women they most often worked with. Heather would occasionally dress up with some mild roleplay, though neither was very good at it. No worries, she could drop to her knees and suck every Goddamn inch of Jim’s cock. Sometimes, they fucked and even occasionally did some ass-fucking. At least once, she even rimmed her husband much to my enjoyment later when I stumbled on a treasure trove of old videos. For a few years, they released scores of small clips. They rarely re-invented the wheel, but that didn’t stop Heather getting blasted with cum before swallowing the rest of the load any less hotter.

But the uploads would decrease. Jim even did videos with other women and sometimes, Heather wouldn’t be there at all. It led to rumors that the two were on the outs or that she was pregnant and so on and so forth. Around 2005, the uploads stopped and Heather disappeared. Her videos lived on even as we traded in Limewire and KaZaa for PornHub. But 15 years later, during a pandemic of all times, Heather showed up once more. She definitely looked older (all of us from then do). She also traded in her nicely-sized fake tits for a pair of ridiculously-sized melons.

Before her return, I was going to use her for a story. I had wrote real-life women in my stories before, but not like this. Maybe not everyone knows who Heather is, but she’s still a celebrity. The women I wrote before were friends who I wrote stories for. But I’ve always loved a good celebrity sex story so I figured I would give it a shot. I can’t say that her return killed my story – it had entered that stage of “is there enough here to interest me to keep writing?” Yet, her return definitely put to bed any hopes of finishing this story because it no longer made sense. The rumors of her and Jim getting divorced – along with starting a family – were bogus.

So, here is what I did write. The gist of the story is this. Our main character is Heather’s son and, after sending much of his time being homeschooled, he goes off to college. Ignored of his mother’s fame, he finds out about it and it wrecks his entire life. Suddenly, he can’t look at his mother anymore like just a mother. Now, she’s a porn star and he keeps seeing her over and over in the dirtiest ways he can think of. A few weeks later, he is headed home for spring break. That’s kind of where this story peters out. I was still working out the next step and getting our young main character to take the next step with his mom. Does he catch him jacking off to her videos? Does her son’s cock rival her now ex-husband’s?

I did have a wrap-up ending where she, ironically enough, gets back in amateur porn with a mostly unseen Jim replacement.

Here is what I wrote:

I had fell into a rabbit hole.

Just three days ago, I was =your average eighteen-year-old kid from the southwest United States. A little sheltered, sure. But pretty normal in most ways. Despite my parents being divorced, they kept the peace and my mom even liked my step-mom and her kids from a previous marriage. We even vacationed together.

I liked rock music, played a lot of racing games, and even liked to draw.

But my normal life was wrecked by what I saw three days ago and ever since, I couldn’t think about anything else.

When I said I had been a little sheltered, it was because my mother home-schooled me after elementary school. She told me it was out of fear of all the bullying she heard about. Besides, she argued, many of my teachers probably weren’t smart enough to challenge me. I laughed that off, but I’ve always liked being around my mother so more time with her didn’t bother me.

It was a big adjustment, but we made it work and five days a week, she would teach me all I needed to know. I cruised through my most of the state-mandated testing, re-inforcing the idea Mom was an excellent teacher. We Skyped with a French teacher so I could have a foreign language credit. We went on long field trips to Washington D.C., New York City, Philadelpha, and even Paris. In many ways, I laughed at the idea I was missing out by being home-schooled.

But college was looming and we both knew I would be in for a rude awakening. To ease into it, I took a year of community college and did mostly online classes. I met some people, but still lived at home. That ended a few months ago as I left home shortly before turning 18 last August. My university of choice was only a few hours away from home, but I wanted to live on-campus and be a real college student. I moved into a dorm with Malik, a young African-American from Denver, and we hit it off pretty well. Like me, he was a communications major and we even had a class together during the fall semester. The more we lived together, the more our friendship solidified. By the time we returned for the spring, we were pretty good buds.

Maybe that’s why, after a night of drinking and striking out as we tried to hook up with some co-eds, we both ended up back at the dorm room watching porn. He was on the top bunk, controlling the action with my wireless mouse, while I was on the bottom bunk, stroking my hard cock under the blanket.

Obviously, masturbation was no new thing to me, but I was still a virgin and uncomfortable most of the time in moments where sex was even discussed. I only masturbated in the room if Malik was in class or went home for the weekend and I preferred internet erotica over pornography. Perhaps it was because Mom had installed a filter which focused on killing access to porn sites, but finding sex stories was still possible. I was trained to associate sex stories with getting off.

But being drunk and horny, I didn’t mind when Malik suggested that we “take off the edge” by watching porn via my larger computer monitor. The sound was low, which weirded me out at first because all I could hear was Malik above me get started. Focusing on the clip on the screen, I finally was able to relax and my cock grew quickly, begging for my attention which it soon received.

Malik liked to fast forward to the “good stuff,” which annoyed me. I just wanted to watch a clip or two and finish, not have him skip around. After finishing another twenty-minute clip by watching maybe three minutes of it through, he scoured the options looking for another middle.

After an annoying couple of minutes of him cycling through pages looking for a good video, I heard Malik exclaim, “Jackpot. Ever watched this slut?”

He had to know the answer before I even said, “no.” The cursor moved to an image of a head, covered in blonde hair, and being held by two stroke hands. The hair obscured the face a good deal, but it was also hard to see much of her face as she took every inch of a penis deep into her mouth and pressed her forehead against the man’s lower stomach area. I looked at the title and it said, “Heather Deepthroat Compilation Part 1.” He clicked the link and after the video started to play, he hit the full-screen option.

It was odd at first. Most of the clips Malik had already watched were in high definition, but this looked pretty old and that’s even before I read the top of the screen. “©” This video was 20 years old? It started with a view of a really old computer monitor. Soon, it moved to the left and whoever was holding the camera said, “hey baby.” His voice was familiar. But what really threw me for a loop was the two images that followed.

One was the bikini-clad woman who entered the frame. She had her hands on her large breasts and her blonde hair was tied back. Apparently, she had been sun-tanning before coming inside. I was struck by how much she resembled a younger version of my mother. That’s crazy to think, but my mother remains an attractive woman. I’ve seen the looks she receives at the grocery store. With her big tits and beautiful face, I get it.

But seeing this younger version of what she might have looked like wouldn’t have raised too many alarms. Nor did the fact she shared the same first name.

But what really freaked me out was the picture to her left. Sitting on a small bookcase was a framed photo of a Marine. While the clip wasn’t HD and was almost blurry when the camera was moved, it still resembled the same picture that is on the wall of my father’s office at his house. Jim, my dad, was proud of his days of a Marine. And the voice as it told the woman that he was, “waiting for you,” was so incredibly close to my dad’s.

The woman came closer, sitting on her knees. The closer she got, the clearer the image. Her voice, too, was familiar as she flirted back to the male, “looks like it.” She slipped her tits from the bikini top before the clip switched to her sucking his cock. She quickly showed why the website had its name as she deep throated his large dick. She kept him in her throat for several seconds, moving her head around and even slipping her tongue out to lick his balls.

“Fuck, she’s amazing,” Malik breathlessly said, reminding me that he was in the room.

A few seconds later, the next bit of evidence that I was watching my parents came on the screen. Another edit moved the camera to the male’s right side and the angle included a tattoo around his belly button. A tattoo I’ve seen many times.

All told, the first clip was barely more than a minute. It ended with what I was starting to be convinced was my father cumming on what looked every bit like my mother’s face. She then took him back into her throat, sucking down the rest of his cum.

I hadn’t yet cum myself and the next clip loaded up. This time, they were in a car going down the highway. The driver, presumably my father, was holding the camera and moved it to the passanger seat. I know this may sound strange, but I was more convinced it was my mother because this time she was fully dressed. She looked like the older pictures of when I was younger. Even down to her long blonde hair, that she moved to her right side as she moved over to give my dad head as he drove.

Within a few minutes, I came all over my stomach – too entranced in what I was watching to grab the rag I had taken to bed. Malik came soon after and he exited out of the porn. I turned over onto my side with cooling cum sliding down my stomach.

What the fuck had I just watched?

The next morning, as a hungover Malik met up with some friends to go get some breakfast, I sat down at my computer and checked the history folder. Clicking the video again, I tried to take a more critical view of what I was watching. No longer drunk, I was convinced I had watched two people who were nearly identical to my parents, but definitely weren’t them.

But the more I watched, the more my conviction waned. The footage was still not the best and definitely not as crisp as I would have liked, but every clip re-inforced my drunken realization.

My mom had been a porn star with my father.

From there, it was down the rabbit hole I mentoned before. I watched clip-after-clip when I could. I even skipped a couple of classes just to stay in my dorm when Malik was out. I saw Mom go down on Dad in an airplane’s bathroom, as a “hitchhiker,” and even dressed as a Catholic schoolgirl outside. She loudly came as he fucked her ass in one clip and I saw my father roughly fuck her face in another. A friend named Brooke joined the mix at times and I watched as Mom was locked in a 69 with her before they both sucked Dad’s cock. After he came, they continued to lick and suck his cock with Mom telling Dad how good he tasted.

After three days, I had exhausted searches of PornHub, Youporn, and XVideos. I wanted more-and-more. That’s when I started to look up forums and reddit comments related to Mom and all of the speculation. Some suggested she was dead, but many were on the right track. Judging by the time frame, it looked like she had left the business to have and raise me. As I read all of the posts about people missed her, I almost felt like I should apologize. I took this amazing sexual dynamo away from them.

Mom messaged me throughout this, asking how things were going and what we were doing in class. Dad even called to check in on me. Both remarked that something seemed off about me. With a paused video of Mom’s face covered in cum – my own hard cock begging for more attention – it was hard not to respond, “watching you get blasted in the face by Dad” when she asked what I was doing.

Nearly two weeks after that fateful night in the dorm, it was time for spring break. Earlier in the semester, Malik invited me to join him and some friends near San Diego, but I passed on the offer. Now, I nearly begged him to let me come, but knew it would be a little weird at this point. Instead, I packed some clothes, my tablet, and some other items and waited for Mom to pick me up. I have a driver’s license, but left my car at home since I barely drove it anywhere during my first semester and it seemed pointless to pay for a parking pass while not actually using the car.

Mom pulled up in front of the dorm and barely got the SUV into park before jumping out to give me a tight hug. As much as I tried not to, all I could think about was the pair of large breasts pressed against me. I wasn’t an idiot – I knew Mom’s breasts were fake. Even when she didn’t wear a bra around the house, they hung highly on her chest in a way that likely angered other women her age. Over the last two weeks, I had seen them grabbed, fucked, sucked by Brooke, and covered in Dad’s cum. Now, they were touching me and I was getting hard as a result.

Moving away, we made a little small talk before I tossed my bag into the bag and slipped into the passenger seat – praying that my other-sized shirt was hiding my hardening cock. The drive home was long and Mom peppered me with questions about my classes, about my friends, about girls. All the awhile, I kept thinking what a mistake this was. I should have hid out anywhere else. There was no way I was going to be able to handle a week at home with Mom.

“Oh, your father called and said he’d like to take you out golfing,” Mom dropped about 30 minutes from home. “So, maybe later this week, you can do that. But I told him – I get first dibs on my baby being back home.”

I smiled at her as she briefly looked my way. My eyes moved down as I stared for a few moments at how the seat belt slid between her breasts. In my head, my father’s huge cock was sliding between them. And then…it was my cock…

“Something wrong?” Mom asked, destroying the vision in my head. Embarrassed, I looked away and said everything was fine. I couldn’t make myself look back at her, but I swore I could hear a barely audible chuckle as she turned up the radio.

My balls felt heavy as we climbed out of the SUV and stretched. Grabbing my bags, I followed Mom to the house. I nearly bumped into her as she stopped to point out a new flower bed she had recently added to the front yard. My eyes had been glued to her ass at the time as it moved from side-to-side. It probably wasn’t as tight as the videos I had watched anymore. After all, she wasn’t in her 20’s anymore. But it looked damn good in her jeans.

I wanted – nay, needed – to masturbate and release the large load that was developing in my balls, but Mom wanted to show me around the house and all the little things she had done to stay busy. Mom had been an elementary school teacher while Dad made most of the money as an owner of a security firm. When I was in fifth grade, she abruptly quit her teacher job mid-year and later found work-from-home doing a couple of different tasks like telemarketing and transcription work. She said it gave her the flexibility to also teach yoga, which she did, along with home-school me. But the more I thought about it now, the more I felt she probably didn’t quit voluntarily as a school teacher. A few months later, she informed me that I wasn’t going to be joining my friends in middle school because she was going to home-school me. It was starting to make sense.

Regardless, money was never a problem for us. We weren’t rich and Mom was quite frugal, but between the money Dad paid her for child support and alimoney plus what she made doing her other jobs, we also lived a regular life that my well-off friends often experienced. I wondered if they had built a nice little nest egg with their porn money. Was anything left? Was it helping to pay my college tuition?

Mom wouldn’t leave me alone for the next few hours, wanting her little boy to be around non-stop.

And that’s it. Oh, what could have been, right? Remember that this was a first draft so errors and inconsistencies are to be expected. Sad that I never got my Heather Harmon story, though. That said, I also have a Kay Parker one started so…there’s that possibility.

Bad Helen Tuesday

I continue to have fun re-posting and re-working bits of this story. With the fifth chapter posted (READ IT HERE), Bad Helen is already up to around 32,000 words. While some chapters are larger than others, this is comparable to A Sister’s Revenge on Literotica in terms of raw word count. If 32,000 words is a good estimate for every five chapters, the thirty chapters I have backed up would give us 192,000. That’s a little more than 100,000 fewer than the first book of George R.R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire series.

Not that I’m counting or anything.

This update of Bad Helen includes a few very questionable things and hints at several other stuff that I hadn’t even got to filling in before my previous blog went down. But I do promise to eventually explain a bit more into one of the characters, Mrs. Hendricks, as I move forward. An example of what she might look like is to the side. She actually plays up huge in a subplot involving another character. As for the questionable things, if you don’t care for sex acts while someone is sleeping/vulnerable due to alcohol, I don’t recommend this chapter.

And as always, you can catch back up with the story by going to its main page.

As far as my writing right now, I really have got to stop having ideas for more stories. I recently had one for a young woman who gets into the escort business. She has built some regulars and one of those informs her that he invited a co-worker who is in a sexless marriage to the festivities for the night (with added payment for the late notice). She finds out that the co-worker is her father. Embarrassed, she doesn’t want to sacrifice her anonymity that she built with a fake name and background for her clients. Her father also tries to talk his way out of the thing, but the co-worker keeps pushing him to stay – even arguing it will be better for his marriage because he won’t be so hard up at both. The two feel powerless to get out of the situation. Worse, they both find added intensity and excitement. This leads to the father seeing her more often even without her taking his money.

There’s another subplot that involves the mother, who has stopped a medication that killed her sex drive, now curious why her husband suddenly wasn’t interested in sex anymore. She confides to her daughter how she believes he’s having an affair.

I think it could be a fun story, but honestly, I am really tired of starting new stories. I need to focus and finish up some stuff. Hopefully, I will have some time over the coming days to focus on that.